Embrielle "Emmie" Dewberry

NC Advisor - Raleigh


I’m originally born and raised in North Carolina. I traveled for school, living in Oahu, Hawaii for 3 years. I soon pursued my passion for teaching where I spent most of my time helping children above and below the academic spectrum and students with special needs—which means so much to me. 

I worked with Habitat For Humanity in the office assisting with closings and building homes on-site. At Habitat for Humanity, I assisted in teaching first-time homebuyers the home purchasing process.

I also spent a portion of my life working in IT Engineering where I was able to oversee the technical building operations.

When I’m not helping people buy or sell homes, I’m volunteering within the community. My passion is advocating for people’s rights and making their dreams come true. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell new construction, resale, or an investment property, I will walk you through the entire process.