Jon Hessler

NC Advisor - Charlotte

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At the age of 11, my friend and I started a business by selling antique bottles to small business owners that had stores off Cherry Street in Black Mountain, NC. At this point in my life was when I discovered my enthusiasm and dreams of being an entrepreneur. From digging to selling, my friend and I would search for hours to find the right antique bottle. After traversing for bottles, we would take it back to his house, clean and polish the bottles and ride our bikes into town to sell them. 

Along my way in life, I've picked up some invaluable life skills. I learned how to work hard by having a high school job and on up into my college days, where I graduated from UNC Charlotte. I trained to be a leader in one of the world's highest-regarded organizations and commissioned as an Officer in the US Army. I found how to persevere in difficult and austere conditions in Afghanistan. I worked in the hospitality industry for over six years, where I was the Director of Sales. That taught me how to treat people with concierge-level service and to anticipate client needs. I analyzed business patterns and was a hospitality leader throughout the hotel and in the city.

These life skills, coupled with my burning desire to be an entrepreneur and growth mindset, steered me into Real Estate. I want to be of service and a beacon of knowledge for buying or selling Real Estate. I'm passionate about Charlotte and the continued growth of our city.