Michael Glenn

NC Advisor - Raleigh


I've always enjoyed working with people. Early in my career, I chose public service in law enforcement where I worked with a wide diverse group of people. After some time, I pursued my professional career as a REALTOR® and Broker being very successful in developing a repeatable customer base with a high referral list. In both jobs, I always worked hard to mitigate issues and bring about positive impacts into my customer's lives.

I've particularly enjoyed it when I see a project through the end with a positive result. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to be able to help my clients achieve homeownership in whatever season of life they find themselves.

My strengths are being a people builder, task-oriented and adaptable. In every job, I've had the opportunity to continue to learn and grow in my profession.

In terms of making a difference with what I do - I want to contribute to my company's success and growth. I am a people builder and want my words and deeds to be an uplifting and positive influence on those around me.