Raul Urbina

NC Advisor - Charlotte


I grew up in Florida all my life and worked in the Carolinas during the summers. Met my beautiful wife Neoyen Urbina in the basic training in Lackland Texas. We married in Hurlburt Field where we meet once more where we happened to be stationed (Fate). Our last base was in Turkey were we had to be displaced because of the coup d'état out in Arizona, followed up by Nevada where I stayed with family and lastly we moved to Charlotte North Carolina. I always loved the Carolinas and two my wife got a job in Charlotte as well. Becoming a realtor was not on my list until I meet one agent who was very charismatic and sparked the thought in my mind and when I hurt my back I was on bed telling myself I don't want anymore labor jobs. What to do? I get a random call from my sister out of the blue and she tells me to try Real Estate. I passed all the course and was so happy because it did take me a few tries. Here I am with BHG and all I can think is about a few individuals that pointed me to the right path. Thank you and I hope to prove you right.