Ray Gonzalez

NC & SC Advisor - Charlotte


I moved from Upstate New York (Rochester/Buffalo) to Charlotte in the beginning of 2009 after taking a buyout from Verizon. Besides escaping from the snow, I wanted a change in life and career. It took a little bit to find my niche, but helping people was always at the forefront. I ended working as a medical interpreter at Atrium Health/CMC which was the number one trauma center in the state. I saw everything from being in the labor and deliver rooms to see the miracle of life hundreds of times to seeing death more then I can count unfortunately. It really took a toll on me however, the one thing that was a constant was that I felt a sense of fulfillment helping others. At the end of 2017, I decided to start the journey of getting my real estate license and finally decided to cut ties at the hospital and do this as a career full time in 2019. Although only being in the industry for a short time, it has allowed me to still feel that fulfillment I had at the hospital. Charlotte is a city of transplants and I think back 12 years when I was in the same shoes as many others coming to this beautiful city. I know that I've made the right decision with my new career since I feel joy in helping people with homeownership and being part of the "American Dream."