Suzanne Barbour

NC Advisor - Raleigh


As the daughter of a general contractor, Suzanne has been walking through homes under construction, literally, since she could walk. The home buying and home selling business is second nature to her. She has a real passion for helping others to sell their homes for the most money possible and a real passion for helping families to find a home where they are happy. As Suzanne says, "My Heart is Where Your Home is", and she lives by this motto. Suzanne studied Musical Theater and Interior Design at Brigham Young University. In 1990, she launched a Business Distributing Lipstick Product over the East Coast and Midwest Regions of the US. She grew the business to include many cosmetics products and demonstrated these products with her staff to thousands of women over 20 years. It was the creation and expansion of this business that helped her to build strong experience in Marketing and Development. This business still thrives today. Suzanne knew at an early age that she wanted to help people to be happy. Her family were entrepreneurs and since she was so familiar with the Construction Industry, Real Estate business was a natural choice for her next life experience. In 2001 she entered the Real Estate Business and has helped her clients to sell and buy 100's of homes successfully and profitably. "It is my goal to help people to be happy and I love to be a part of making their lives better". She works to make the home selling and home buying process fun And successful for her clients. She has the experience and the knowledge to help people to change their lives for the better.