Chris Saleh

NC Advisor - Cary


I grew up in Raleigh to Lebanese parents who had moved to the area in the mid 1970’s and started our family business, a bakery and later restaurants called Neomonde. After graduating from Sanderson High School in ’96, I studied music and percussion at ECU and later attended the Jazz Studies Program at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta. Through college I had the privilege to perform in some incredible venues and tour extensively, playing places like Carnegie Hall, The Kremlin, and The House of Cinematography in Moscow. 

Shortly thereafter, I moved to the west coast where I received an internship at Universal/Motown Records. Through connections made through my internship and working track record at the label, I was able to open a production company in Los Angeles called Boom-Batt Productions, with my best friend from Raleigh who was a great guitar player and producer as well. As Boom-Batt, we wrote and produced music for artists such as Nelly, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Valentino, Steve Harvey, as well as, being the music producers for The Tom Joyner Show on ABC, to name a few.

In 2010, I decided to make a huge leap of faith and come back home to help expand the family business. Over a 10 year period, my focus and capabilities improved from managing just one restaurant with a 25 person staff to becoming Vice President of Retail, managing 3 restaurants, a full service catering division, with a team of around 150 and an average increase of $500K growth in sales per year. 

Once the pandemic arrived in early 2020, and the hospitality industry came to a screeching halt, Laura (My Wife & Business Partner) made the change into real estate, while I stayed helping the restaurants stabilize and restructure their operating model until  2021.  

Today, We are both very excited and thriving in our new environment! Laura and I felt that the professionalism, genuine care and high level of commitment to knowledge from Better Homes & Garden/Paracle Realty aligned with the way we had run my family’s business, putting our customers first while growing an internal culture of positivity, professionalism and  support!