Hannah Toke

Client Care Coordinator


Meet Hannah Toke, a dynamic and ambitious young professional hailing from the Carolinas. Armed with a BA in Business Administration & Communications Studies from the prestigious College of Charleston, Hannah joined the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Paracle team in 2022 as the first-ever Inside Sales Advisor in the SouthPark Office. Her ultimate goal is to grow alongside the inside sales team and drive lead generation for all advisors on the “Rhino Leads Program.”

With a knack for creative and technical writing, Hannah has demonstrated her versatility and tenacity throughout her career. She kick-started her journey with UPS, where she took on various roles and departments, including a pivotal stint as an Industrial Engineer Supervisor, and culminating in an Account Executive position in Sales & Business Development. Her exceptional performance and contribution were instrumental in enhancing the territories' metrics, eventually leading to consistent above-plan results.

Hannah's expertise extends beyond sales and business development, encompassing marketing, consulting, territory management, and logistics/supply chain. Her recent focus has been on using her skills to help advisors secure appointments with both past and present clients and establish long-term relationships with clients who have longer moving time-frames. Driven by her passion, creativity, and enthusiasm, Hannah is poised to achieve remarkable feats and set new standards of excellence in her role.