Hiwot Mulugeta

NC & SC Advisor - Charlotte


Hiwot Mulugeta was born in Ethiopia and moved to the UAE at the age of 16. There she spent her teenage years and young adult life in Abu Dhabi and Dubai while occasionally going back to Ethiopia for family visits. Her background includes 20 years in hotel, retail, malls, and the property management industries with special emphasis in marketing, leasing, decorator and interior design. These are helpful industry skills as it relates to working with real estate clients.

Hiwot Mulugeta managed more than 10 teams in the workforce as a team leader, supervisor, and manager. This real-life experience in sales/marketing/concierge services, etc, makes her uniquely suited to serve real estate buyers and sellers.

Hiwot Mulugeta entered the Real Estate profession in order to help others realize their dream of homeownership by helping them navigate through the home buying process.

Hiwot Mulugeta is married and lives in Charlotte, NC with her spouse and child. She spends her free time with family, traveling, and reading.