Jean Tam

NC Advisor - Cary


Welcome to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® Paracle!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn why Paracle advisors love to serve their clients, teams, and communities, at home in North Carolina.

As an advisor, I am excited to share my time and resources with you on your journey towards owning, selling, or renting a home. My personal mission is to help others see the beauty in things, and that may be a fixer-upper, move-in ready, or new construction. Buying or selling a home is a learning experience, and I am always ready to guide and support you, and your family, through the process.

I spent my early years working on a product team at a local company, creating appraisal and property tax software for residential and commercial real estate. Living happily in the Triangle since 2008, I realized the joys of real estate, and came to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate® Paracle to share that joy with others.

I can't wait to hear your story-why you're looking to buy or sell a home today, tomorrow, or in the near future. Please get in touch with me, and tell me how I may help serve you today!