Nick Armstrong

NC Advisor - Cary



Welcome to a better real estate experience powered by Better Homes and Gardens Paracle.

My name is Nick, I'm a husband, a father of four, an active member of the Triangle community, and a Real Estate Advisor. The Triangle begins and ends with it's communities, whether you start in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel-Hill, or somewhere inbetween. Communities start with the people who choose to do life there, make their homes, raise their family, meet their friends, run their businesses, and where they have fun! The Triangle community is dynamic and diverse in so many ways. As your Advisor I'm excited for the privilege to come alongside you, at the very beginning, to guide you to the perfect community, for you.

BHG Real Estate Paracle was an obvious choice when choosing who to partner with in the Triangle community. The picture of community, home, and comfort of the name alone, but combined with Paracle's commitment to "come a long side" you, Advisor's approach to the real estate experience made it was easy choice. 

Thank you for the opportunity for me to be your trusted Advisor. To come alongside you and your's today as we begin your next or maybe your first real estate experience!