Samantha Daniel

NC Advisor - Raleigh


Hi friends! Having been raised in North Carolina for most of my life, I attended and graduated from the greatest school in the state in 2018: The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Majoring in Psychology with a minor in Urban Studies and Planning, I did what most college graduates do when they still aren’t sure about which career path to take and became a teacher. 

I loved working with kids, families and the Durham community! As I advanced up the school system chain, my life drastically changed in 2020. I gave birth to my love, my first son, Tommy Jr. (TJ) As you know, the global pandemic also hit in 2020 and the combination of these two events forced me to make some very difficult decisions.

With tears in my eyes and precious memories that I held dear to my heart, I decided that the best and safest decision for my family was to step away from my role as a teacher in the classroom and to put my North Carolina real estate license to use. I have grown up my entire life watching my grandmother match clients with their dream homes, help clients list and sell and manage properties for tenants who prefer to rent. I am excited to use my skills, experience, and enthusiasm in helping people reach their goals to help you reach yours!