Tad Anderson

Professional Development & Productivity Coach


I provide my clients with honesty and trustworthiness while being a knowledgeable advocate for one of the biggest decisions they will make in their lives. The most important thing I do for my clients is to guide them through the real estate process while still keeping the human touch. I listen to their needs and wants and do everything I can to help make their goals come to fruition while still being down-to-earth and approachable. I am diligent in getting the best for my clients. My devotion to each client ensures my clients have the best possible transaction.

Tad began his real estate career in PA, where he was voted one of the Top 5 Choice Real Estate Agents by the Erie Times News Reader Poll 2018. He was known for being a leader and trailblazer in real estate marketing techniques, therefore changing the way agents market properties. Tad decided to bring his talents to a more diverse real estate market (with warmer weather) in North and South Carolina.

Tad has a variety of talents and diverse work experience that includes management, marketing, printing, graphic design, and dance instruction. He excels in anything related to technology which is of particular interest to first-time homebuyers or any tech-savvy buyer or seller. He has the ability to communicate with a diverse audience and he appreciates and strives to deliver quality service, a strong work ethic, and an overall dedication to putting his clients' needs above all.

In the words of his mentor and real estate colleague Linda Foll Johnson, "Tad is an extremely focused and very detail oriented person. He has a successful track record in every endeavor he has undertaken. We have always worked closely together and I have seen how he connects with clients. Tad listens closely and has a keen sense of each individual client's needs. He takes their needs and desires very seriously. Tad is accomplished in many areas and with his knowledge of today's technology and marketing, he is quite an asset in the modern real estate world."

Tad graduated from Fairview High School and attended Mercyhurst University where he majored in Business Management and minored in Psychology with a concentration in Neurology and Applied Behavioral Analysis.

If you're ready for exceptional service and bright new ideas, join Tad's growing list of clients by contacting him at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Paracle. Tad is your key to SOLD.